Nick Wright

Oval Tibetan saddle, 19thC

Turkish kurdish rug, late 19thC

Tibetan mat, 19th C.

Tibetan saddle piece with basketball-dunking dragon!

Uzbek joined "Talish" long rug with two reverse pile central panels of red dyed goat hair

Kizyl Ayak main rug

Ersari torba, mid 19th C

Kyzyl ayak ensi, 19th C

Ersari "shield" torba, 19th C..

Tibetan sitting mat

Tibetan double dragon saddle piece, early 20th C.

Tibetan runner, 19th C

Laotian, ikat silk skirt, early 20thC.

Tibetan sitting mat, or saddle top

Tibetan dragon khaden, c.1930