Reyn Staffel
Springfield, OR.

Baluchi Balisht, Late 19th C. or early 20th C. 20" x 38"
Camel hair field with corroded greens and blues. Lustrous wool. Excellent condition.

Shahsavan Sumak Bagface, Mid - 19th Century 20" x 20"
This is a lovely, very old sumak bagface with a nice range of subtle colors often found in pieces from this period.
Some restoration of the brown lattice is visible under close examination. Great drawing, handle and presence.

Kazak, circa 1850, 5'1" x 8'4"
An elegant blue field Kazak rug with a particularly appealing border design in excellent condition.

Mid 19th C. Yomud chuval, 26" x  45"
Excellent condition

19th C. Shirvan kilim saddlebags, 24" x 58"
Excellent condition

Late 19th C. Galveri rug, 4' x 8'5", 
Mint condition